Billing Policy

📎 Billing

Our Payment Plans are tailored for Teams and productive environments. You can scale your team on the go.

Your subscription will be automatically renewed unless you cancel it before the beginning of a new billing cycle.

/ Users

Each paid account comes with a range of available user slots: 1-10 for Indie; 10+ for Studio.

Studio user slots are 25% cheaper than Indie user slots.

You can add or remove users at any time.

Make sure you have the same number of unassigned users as the number of users you want to remove.

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Billing cycle

Your billing cycle begins when you upgrade your account to paying by opting for one of our payment plans.

2 options are available: monthly and annually.

We will be charging your account at the beginning of the billing cycle.

If at any point you want to change your billing cycle, you can do so in Settings > Billing History

Annual subscriptions come with 2 months FREE

🥾 Cancelling subscription

When you cancel your subscription it will stop by default at the end of the billing period. You do, however, get the option of cancelling your subscription immediately.

When to choose "Cancel Immediately"

Cancelling immediately does not refund the remaining balance, but instead you'll get pro rata credits that can be used for future subscriptions.

Only tick "Cancel immediately" in the canceling prompt if you:

↯ Want to switch from Studio to Indie - at the moment we do not offer an on-the-fly solution for downgrading, however if you want to do this you'll need to:

  1. Cancel your Studio subscription

  2. Buy Indie account - if you cancelled your previous subscription before the end of your billing cycle the prorated remaining amount will be subtracted from your new subscription.

↯ Want to join a team, but you are already part of a different one - cancelling your subscription immediately will allow you to join another team. If you cancel before the end of your billing cycle the prorated remaining amount will be added as credit to your account. On your next purchase, that credit will be subtracted from your invoice.

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🍉 Pro Rata

When cancelling your subscription before the end of a billing cycle and opt for cancelling immediately, you will receive credits for the prorated subscription cost.

Here's how we calculate this:

Amount Prepaid [AP] - monthly/yearly subscription paid for the current billing cycle Total Days [TD] - the total number of days in the current billing cycle Days Lapsed [DL] - how many days have lapsed from the beginning of the billing cycle

ProratedCredits=APAP/TDDLProrated Credits = AP - AP/TD*DL