Team Management

Team Management features come with our paid plans. Read more about paid features in Pricing. Once you select one of the paid plans, you'll be able to Add Users to your account.

🧞♂ Teams

When signing up for one of our paid plans, a Team will be created for you. From here onwards, all you need to do is add more Users to your account and assign them to your Team Members.

👯 Users and members

You can add or remove users from your account at any time. Go to Profile Picture > Settings > Payment Plan to do this.

💡 Think of Users as slots that can be allocated to team Members.

Once you have the desired number of user slots, assign them by inviting your teammates to join your team in Machinations.

Any change in your company may be accommodated from the Members tab in Settings. Here, you can invite Members, check on the status of your sent invites and remove Members that do no longer require access, so you can assign that user slot to someone else.

📂 Team Folder

Where all your Team diagrams are saved. Access this in theMain Menu> File > Open > Team Machinations, folder which is the default view when accessing the Open dialogue.

When you add users and invite Members to your Team, they will automatically have access to the Team folder, and all their diagrams will, by default, be saved in this folder.

Private vs Team diagrams 🔓

If you're part of a team, all your diagrams are automatically saved in the Team folder. Should you want to work on a private diagram, change its Sharing status before making changes to it. Do this in Share > Manage Rights

📖 Changing Sharing Options

🏷 Team Tags

Tags created for shared diagrams are also available for your team members.

📖 Tags.

📚 Team Library

A repository of prefabs, all your team members can use.

📖 Libraries