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📸 User Profile Snapshot

All user info is clustered under your Profile Picture.

In the drop-down that opens you can find a snapshot of your account's state.


🦸♀ Your Account

Here is where you can update:

  1. Avatar

  2. Name

  3. Address

  4. Company Details:

    1. Name

    2. Tax ID

    3. Invoicing details - input any further information you need to appear on your invoice

📆 Payment Plan

If you are not yet a paying customer, here is where you can review and select which payment plan suits you best.

If you are on one of our payment plans, in this tan you can

  1. Review your payment plan

    1. The subscription you're on

    2. How much you pay per billing cycle

    3. Total number of users and how many of them are assigned ( 📖 Users and Members)

  2. Next billing date, pending or scheduled updates to your Payment Plan ( 📖 Billing Policy)

💶 Billing History

  1. Download issued invoices

  2. Change Billing Cycle (monthly/yearly)

👯 Members

Manage your team:

  1. Invite teammates

  2. Remove members

  3. Check the status of sent invites