destroy Resources

A Resource that goes into a Drain is permanently removed from a game's economy.

A Drain has the 4 Activation Modes and the Pulling & Pushing actions of all other Nodes.

The rate of a Drain is determined by the flow rate of its input Resource Connection. Some Drains consume Resources at a steady rate, while others consume Resources at random rates or intervals.

🔧 In the gif above, there are 3 examples of flow rates:

  1. Shooter: The Shoot Drain consumes 1 Ammo every time the player shoots

  2. Resource Management: The player has a cost of 1 coin every 2 weeks

  3. Brawler: During a boss fight, player takes damage anywhere between 1 to 6 Health points (D6 notion), every time the boss hits.

📖 Find out other types of Resources flows you can design:

🔧 You can also set a Drain consume all Resource within a Pool by labelling the Resource Connection with all.