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Add Charts to visualise and help balance your game's parameters.

Charts make it possible to plot multiple variables as your diagram runs, to visualise possible outcomes, and help you monitor certain parameters either standalone, or in relationship to others.

Right click any Node in your diagram and select Show in Chart from the menu to plot it.


The colour used in the chart for plotting depends on the Node colour, NOT the Resource colour, as Pools, for example, may contain multiple colour Resources.

Use the Style > Colour menu to set this, in the right hand panel.

The colour is taken by default when, as explained above, but it can be overwritten in the Chart panel, in the Chart's legend.

To better understand the difference between Node and Resources colours, read more about it here

On the y-axis Machinations plots the values of the Nodes.

The x-axis represents the number of time steps executed.

Here's an example of plotting 2 variables. In a basic diagram representing a running game, we are plotting Coins earned by a player during a run and the Difficulty Factor that influences the player's Chance of Error (aka crashing into obstacles).

Machinations simulates one run, and plots the evolution over time steps of the 2 Nodes (in this case Pools). Notice this run took over 100 seconds (time steps). By the time the run was over, the player accumulated 272 Coins and reached a factor of 51.

A quick look at the chart could tell us that we may possibly be handing out Coins at a too higher rate. From here on, you can start iterating, and answering questions like: Is it an early run or a late run issue? Do I have enough content for my player to sink the Coins, or can the rate of Coin collecting result in inflation? How does this chart look like when I introduce power-ups? Should I increase the Difficulty Factor?