Framework Diff Log

Desktop .swf/.exe vs .io

💡 Major differences between the old desktop and the new .io version

  1. No more Connection length as time variable: Resources travel and arrive during the same Time Step, regardless of Connection length. E.g.: if previously the speed of the Resources would stay fixed and the arrival time would vary, now the speed varies and the transfer time is fixed (all Resources arrive to their destination in exactly 1 Time Step).

  2. No Async Mode

  3. No Turn Based Mode

  4. No Artificial Player (AP) - you can emulate AP functions with existing components

  5. Registers now support the entire 🔗 math.js functions library.

  6. Combining flow rates: use 50%+50% instead of the old 2*50% label.

  7. Number interval Label x-y has become x..y

  8. Time interval Label x/y has become x|y

  9. Charts plot the Pool colour, instead of the Resource's colour.

  10. Colour Coding is a Connection-level setting, it no longer affects the global Diagram.

  11. No more m modifier

  12. Obvious: Cloud save, UI/UX improvements, Groups, Library, Errors/Validators, Real-time collaboration, Version History

  13. Triggers cannot trigger Resource Connections