Your Machinations Workspace is where you’ll create your game designs, set parameters, run simulations, and plot results.

Header Bar

From the header you can easily access some of our most important features:

File Management

Clicking on the diagram's Titlereveals the file management setting.

Click on the Manage file button Share; Make a copy or Delete your diagram.

Main Menu

In the Menu you will find everything you could expect from a Docs suite.

File > Open

  1. Team Machinations - is the Team Folder, available with our paid plans

  2. My Machinations - where we store your diagram that are not shared with your team members

  3. Shared with me - a folder for the diagrams to which you've been invited to edit

  4. Templates - where you can find the templates we make public

This should be interesting for both beginner and advanced users. Quickly access a ready-built diagram and investigate see how it works.

🧙♂ It’s a nice way of getting over the empty canvas block every one of us may experience.

💡 Templates cam also be accessible from File > New from Template

Nodes and Libraries

Access all Nodes and Connections to drag and drop them onto the canvas.

🦸♀ Pro-tip: Double click Nodes to automatically place & connect them.

Read more on this in Best Practices



Access a searchable repository of ready-made subsystems. Drag and drop them onto the canvas to get you started.


Add systems for easy drag and drop access. Select the Nodes and Connections you’d like added right-click and select Add to private library (see below).

Properties Panel


💡 When no component is selected on the diagram, the panel displays the options for changing diagram properties:

  • Global Properties

    • Dice: choose the number of the default die has, by default (eg: D6 - a die with 6 faces)

    • Skill:

    • Multiplayer:

    • Strategy:

  • View: choose if you want to have de Grid or Page View on/off

  • Options: Toggle on/off Connection arrows or Guides

🔧 When components (Nodes & Connections) are selected, this panel displays the properties settings for that component.

Run Bar and Chart

Types of Runs (simulations)

Once you have a system diagrammed, in the bottom panel you can find the diagram's Run Modes

When Run mode is set on "animated", you can run your diagram in 2 modes:

  1. Run

Switch to "quick run", and 2 other options become available:

  1. QuickRun

Execution Chart

Opens the Execution Chart of your diagram.

View Controller


Use Layers for different sections of your diagram, so you can hide them if you need better visualisation at a micro or macro level.

  1. Open Layers controller by clicking the Layers icon (image above)

  2. Make a selection of Nodes and Connections

  3. Add Layer with

  4. Move selection to a different Layer by Selecting the target Layer from the list, and hitting

  5. Duplicate Layer with

  6. Delete a Layer with

  7. View/Hide Layer

  8. Lock/Unlock Layer


Use this as a minimap, by draging the ouline to navigate the diagram.

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