Game Engine Plugin

Learn how you can integrate Machinations with your favourite Game Engine

🧨 Sign up for the Machinations Unity Plugin (UP) Closed Beta: :point_right: Access will be given in batches, as we ramp up & perfect the plugin's features.

This section of the documentation is subject to MAJOR changes.

Machinations UP, our game engine plugin, allows you to synchronise your Machinations diagrams with your game, real-time.



Currently, we provide out-of-the-box support for Unity 3D

🛣 Our roadmap includes an Unreal Engine plugin, so both C# and C++ code bases are covered

The plugin is Open Source, so you can use it as an inspiration to integrate with other Game Engines

🕹 By using UP's flexible value mapping framework any changes to your diagram will be applied to your game, while your game is running

📖 Extensive docs can be found here and on our Developers Portal

Supported Game Engines

Unity 3D

For now, the first step for UP is to support Unity 3D integration, which we are currently piloting. The product is considered to be in pre-Alpha.

We intend to mature and ensure the robustness of the API during the Pilot, onboarding several customers that wish to use Machinations within their Unity productions.

Unreal Engine

🛣 On our near-future roadmap.

Design Philosophy

An engine-agnostic game design tool

As such, the goal of our Game Engine Plugin efforts is to provide libraries that support a wide range of game engines and programming languages.

Complex game design

One of the core philosophies of UP is to accommodate complex game design, even if spread-out over multiple diagrams. UP can refer to both elements from different diagrams AND switch to a different diagram based on Game State Awareness, for the same mechanic.