Game Engine Plugin

Learn how you can integrate Machinations with your favourite Game Engine

Machinations UP, our game engine plugin, allows you to synchronize your Machinations diagrams with your game, real-time.

Collaborative game design, straight into your production


Currently, we provide out-of-the-box support for Unity 3D

🛣 Our roadmap includes an Unreal Engine plugin, so both C# and C++ code bases are covered

The plugin is Open Source, so you can use it as an inspiration to integrate with other Game Engines

🕹 By using UP's flexible value mapping framework any changes to your diagram will be applied to your game, while your game is running

Make sure you read about UP's Main Concepts.

📖 Extensive docs can be found here, on GitBook, and on our Developers Portal

Supported Game Engines

Unity 3D

For now, the first step for UP is to support Unity 3D integration. The product is now in Open Beta and can be downloaded from the Unity Asset Store.

Check our Quick Start to see it in action.

Unreal Engine

🛣 On our near-future roadmap.