Real-Time Sync

Bringing Machinations directly to your game

With Real-Time Sync, changes on Machinations diagrams are reflected within your game engine's editor, and vice-versa.

🔧 Real-time Sync is currently available for Pools and Resource Connections.

For example you can sync single values in Pools (such as a Player's HP) or Resource Connections (such as the "random value" connector between two nodes which calculates damage).

We are in the process of seamlessly integrating many features into Unity 3D. At the moment, we have support for Unity's Scriptable Objects architecture. We also provide well-documented source code that you can use to roll your own integrations or create workflows adapted to your project's architecture.

📽 Here's an example of how you can push values from Machinations diagrams, directly into your game, by leveraging Machinations Unity Plugin (UP).