Quick Start

The fastest way to jump in

Sign up for the Machinations Unity Plugin (UP) Closed Beta: :point_right: https://bit.ly/machinations-UP. Access will be given in batches, as we ramp up & perfect the plugin's features.

GitHub access is restricted to users participating in the Closed Beta.

The easiest way to try out UP is to clone & run one of our example Unity 3D projects. Both of the repositories below have an instructional Read Me file that will see you UP ;) and running in no-time!

Go ahead and play with some real-time sync between the game and the Machinations diagram.

If that got your attention, maybe it's time to start the real fun of integrating UP into your own production. Look no further than our Integration Guide.

📽 Here's a demo of how easy it is to integrate Machinations Unity Plugin (UP) into your game: