Quick Start

The fastest way to jump in

The UP Asset Store package contains a Demo Scene which you can use to immediately see some of the vital aspects of how the UP integration works. In a few easy steps (also detailed in the video below), you'll be up and running:

  • Head over to the Unity Asset store and add UP to your Unity goody bag.

  • Import it into your project.

  • Open our Demo Scene located in your Project's Assets under the following path: MachinationsUP / DemoScene / UPSampleScene.

  • Add this diagram to "My Machinations".

  • In Unity, go to Tools -> Machinations -> Open Machinations.io Control Panel.

  • Head over to www.my.machinations.io and copy/paste your User Key (Machinations Settings -> Account Details):

  • Go back to your diagram, click any empty space in it and copy/paste your diagram token:

  • Run the game and make a change in the diagram, for example, change the Speed.

  • You should immediately see the changes reflected in the behavior of the game.

📽 Here's a demo of how easy it is to integrate Machinations Unity Plugin (UP) into your game:

If that got your attention, maybe it's time to start the real fun of integrating UP into your own production. Look no further than our Integration Guide.