Activation Modes

Automatic, Interactive, OnStart, Passive

Nodes have 4 Activation Modes, according to which Resources get redistributed.

Set the Activation Mode of a Node in its Properties menu, under Activation.

When a Node fires it pushes or pulls Resources along the Resource Connections that are connected to it. Whether a Node fires depends on its Activation Mode.

A Node in a Machinations diagram can be in one of 4 different Activation Modes:

  1. Automatically - fires every Time Step. All automatic Nodes fire simultaneously.

  2. Interactive - fires only when the you click it during Run time.

  3. Starting Action - fires only once, immediately after you click the Run button.

  4. Passive - can fire only in response to a trigger generated by another element.

Activation Modes symbols

All 4 Activation Modes apply to ALL types of Nodes!

Interactive Nodes fire after being clicked only when the next Time Step begins. This may make it seem as if the Node didn't receive the input or that there's a delay.

🔧 Here's a video example of 4 Pools, having different Activation Modes, and their actions (or lack thereof).

  1. The green Pool is Automatic, and will push 1 Resource every time step, until there are no more Resources available.

  2. The orange Pool will push a Resource once, when you hit the Play button.

  3. The blue one is Interactive, and will only push a Resource when the Player/User clicks on it.

  4. The red Pool is passive, and it will not react in this case.