The Nodes that consume Resources

Drains are Nodes that consume Resources.

A Resource that goes into a Drain disappears permanently.

A Drain has the 4 Activation Modes and the Pulling & Pushing actions of all other Nodes.

The rate of a Drain is determined by the flow rate of its input Resource Connection. Some Drains consume Resources at a steady rate, while others consume Resources at random rates or intervals.

You can also make a Drain consume everything its input Resource Connection is attached to by labelling the Resource connection with all.

Use Drains to represent processes that permanently remove Resources from an economy.

This might include the effect of wear or friction in a physical system, or the consumption of ammunition when a weapon is fired in a shooter.

In principle, you could represent a Drain as a Pool with no outputs, but to indicate that the Resources that flow are consumed and have no further impact on the game, it is better to use a Drain.

Drain & Pool constructed equivalent