gather Resources

A Pool, represented by a circle, is a location where Resources gather, and it's the most basic Machinations Node.

The Resources stored in a Pool are represented as smaller, coloured circles that stack. If there are too many Resources in a Pool to show them as stacks, the tool displays a number instead.

In the Functional Menu on the right, while the Pool Node is selected, you can set the limit from which onward Resources are shown as numbers. This option is available under Capacity, in Display (see below).

Use Pools to model entities.

For example, if you have a Resource called money and an entity called the player’s bank account, you would use a Pool to model the bank account.

Use the Label field in the Functional menu to name your Pool.

Pools cannot store fractional values, only integers.

So, the value in the bank account would have to be expressed in cents.

A Pool can contain Resources of more than one type, meaning that it can be used to model compound entities.

Machinations uses colour to distinguish between different types of Resources.

Set the colour of your Resources in Functional>Resources:

🔧 Watch this example below of how you can use a Pool to model a compound entity.

Pools may be set to have a limited capacity of Resources stored.

The Resource limit can be set in Functional > Capacity > limit.

In the Functional > Overflow drop down, you can set what happens to the Resources that are produced and sent towards the Pool after its limit has been reached. The receiving Pool can either block the incoming, overflowing Resource, or it can drain it - as in consume it.

Use the Style & Text and the Arrange sections to change the Pool’s border colour, thickness, the font type and size of the Label, its orientation, and other editing magic.

Pools (like all Machinations Nodes) have 4 ways in which they can be activated. We recommend going through


before reading about the other Nodes.