Visualise and balance economy simulations

To unfold the Chart area, click Open Chart in the Run Bar.

Charts make it possible to plot multiple variables while running your diagrams, to visualise possible outcomes, and help you monitor certain parameters either standalone or in relationship to others.

To plot, right-click any Pool or Register in your diagram and select Show in Chart from the contextual menu. If you want to plot multiple Pools, select them all, and tick "Show in Chart" in the Common Properties panel on the right.


Once you've selected the Nodes you want to plot, clicking the downward arrow on the right of a Node in the Chart area.

In this contextual menu you can:

  1. Change the colour used in the Chart for plotting (it defaults to the Node's colour, set in the Style section of the Properties panel of each Node). Note that the default is the colour of the Node itself, not the colour of the Resources it processes. A Pool, for example, may contain Resources of different colours.

  2. Choose the plotting method:

    1. You can choose this for each Node, individually, or click Apply to all, once you've set the method for one of the Nodes

    2. The default plotting method is Area Chart

    3. There are 2 other options: Bar and Line

To better understand the difference between Pool and Resources colours, read more about it here:

On the y-axis Machinations plots the values of the Pools.

The x-axis represents the number of Steps executed.


Currently, there are 2 options:

  1. a CSV of the values of simulations

  2. a PNG of the chart

Run History

When Multiple Runs are performed, each execution will be listed under Run History. Select one of the Runs, to focus on it. Hover over the Chart area and view the Nodes' values at each Step.

Use the Clear Chart button to clear the chart content.