Run Modes

Understanding Running Modes and Time

To deal with stochastics, Machinations has 4 Run modes.

1. Simple Run

Simulates player & systems interaction real-time. Only Run mode that supports Interactive Nodes and real-time changes within the diagram.

Time Interval

You can adjust the diagram execution speed in Diagram Panel > Functional > Time Interval. Default value is 1 second/Time Step. Decreasing that value "speeds up time"; increasing it "slows down time".

Time Steps Limit

The maximum number of steps that a Run should do before stopping, regardless of the execution values. This also applies to diagram execution in Quick and Multiple Run.

2. Step-by-Step Run

Run diagram time step by time step

3. Quick Run

Computes (server-side) and returns the complete scenario of a single execution, instantly.

4. Multiple Run

Plays out (server-side) numerous Quick Runs and plots the result of hundreds or thousands of plays, all overlaid in the Chart, which becomes a heat-map of values/time.

You can set the Number of Runs and batches for which you want the diagram to run inDiagram Panel > Functional > Number of Runs > batch / total

What is a Batch of Multiple Runs?

A set of Runs executed simultaneously on the server of which results are plotted in parallel on the chart, real-time.

Batches will be executed consecutively until the Total Number of Runs is achieved.

You can run a maximum 25 parallel executions per batch.

🔧 For example, a Multiple Run set with a batch of 5 and a total of 50, will plot 5 consecutive batches each with 50 parallel real-time executions.

You can navigate and highlight these executions individually to pinpoint outliers or emerging patterns. It's like doing forecast analytics.

📖 For a more in-depth explanation, check out 🔗 The Monte Carlo Method.

Multiple Runs is one of the most powerful features in Machinations.

By experimenting with Multiple Run iterations and adjusting diagram parameters in between Multiple Runs, you can balance the entire system towards your ideal scenario.